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Services FAQs

  • Where is your training located? Do you offer on-site training?
    We are based out of the Greater Cincinnati/Dayton area, but we can travel just about anywhere in the United States to teach our courses! Each Course Description page will state any upcoming courses for that topic. If there are no upcoming courses scheduled in your area, please contact us as we're available to come to you for on-site customized training! *We do not have an employee minimum for on-site training courses*
  • Do you offer online training?
    The value of hands-on, in-person training is priceless and we will strive to always provide the highest quality education to you and your team. Online training and pre-made courses typically lack instructor guidance, feedback, and discussions, which is where participants gain most of their knowledge. Online training also does not provide the critical "hands-on" portion and interaction participants experience during an instructor-led, in-person course. With that being said, we also understand the need for virtual training and are happy to accomodate this. Virtual trainings can be conducted through a Video Call application and course materials/workbooks will be sent by mail. On-site/Job-specific training must be provided by the employers as well. Please contact us to discuss any and all training needs your company has!
  • Which HAZMAT course is right for me or my employees?
    Click the picture below to expand our HAZWOPER Training Flowchart! Still have questions? We can't wait to answer them and get your next course scheduled. Contact us HERE to get started.
  • What is the difference between the 24-Hour and 40-Hour HAZMAT Course?
    The 24-Hour course is for Emergency Responders and the 40-Hour course is better suited for waste site workers and supervisors. Check out our Training Flowchart to help detemine which course best suits your needs! OSHA's HAZWOPER Standard (29 CFR 1910.120) can be broken down into two parts to better understand: Paragraph (e) of the standard covers workers on uncontrolled hazardous waste sites and government controlled clean-up sites. This part of the standard requires general site workers who will wear respirators and be exposed to the most severe hazards to have a minimum of 40 hours off-site training and 3 days on-site training prior to job assignment. For occasional site workers who will not wear respirators, only 24 hours off-site training and 1 day on-site training is required. Our 40-Hour Hazardous Waste Worker course contains additional topics that go more in-depth for environmental safety, handling hazardous waste/clean-up, and site characterization. We recommend this course for all waste site workers and supervisors. Paragraph (q) of the standard covers workers involved in Emergency Response actions not at government controlled waste clean-up sites. A good example of someone who falls under this category would be a Refrigeration Technician at a food manufacturing facility who is on the HAZMAT team and is expected to respond to a release. They must have a minimum of 24 hours of training in specified topics. Our provides participants with the education needed to properly assess and respond to a hazardous substance release. We also provide hands-on activities to allow for familiarity with the equipment used in real responses. If this course is taught at your facility, a mock drill will be coordinated on the final day and participants will act out a release scenario. Please contact us to ask any questions or find out exactly which course is right for your team!
  • What training services do you offer other than PSM or HAZMAT?
    Our PSM and HAZMAT courses are packed full of hundreds of awesome topics that can be taught as individual classes as well. Some examples include Respiratory Protection, Chemical Safety/SDS, HAZCOM/GHS, Confined Space, LOTO, Hot Work, Line Breaking, and Permitting. Looking for site-specific training that is tailored to your employees duties and your facility hazards? Let's chat! Contact us and we'll discuss exactly what you're looking for to create this program just for you.
  • Can courses be customized for site-specific hazards and chemicals?
    Every single course we offer can be customized around specific hazards you and your team face. A great example is letting us know what hazardous chemicals the employees are working with to base the course around that specific material and its hazards. We want to provide the highest quality training each time you book a course with us by meeting your needs. Contact us HERE!
  • How can I schedule custom training courses?
    You can reach us Monday-Friday 7:00AM-5:00PM EST at (513) 332-1731 or email us anytime at We are looking forward to coordinating the best training for your team!
  • How often do I need to receive training?
    It depends on what your job duties are and what topics you're trained on. For example, all HAZMAT levels require an annual refresher and all PSM topics must be refreshed every 3 years. To determine an exact training schedule that complies with all regulations and policies, contact us HERE!
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