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10 + Years of combined experience under our hard hats

MySafety LLC provides industrial safety training & safety services for manufactures, distributors, and other facilities that use hazardous substances.

Our careers began working in the Food Manufacturing industry, as both direct and indirect laborers. Overtime, we realized that the indirect labor has a great impact on all processes, even if the work is done behind the scenes. These indirect workers can face some of the most severe hazards at your worksite and the emphasis on safety should be just as strong for the hazards that are out of sight to most.


Our passion for safety comes from working with highly hazardous chemical processes that are strictly regulated by agencies like OSHA and the EPA. We understand how important it is that every individual arrives at work safe in the morning and goes home at the end of the day in the same condition. A positive safety culture should radiate through all departments and we are here to help you accomplish that! 

Focusing on a safety first mindset in all areas of your company will not only lead to long-term cost savings, but also a significant reduction in recordable injuries and incidents. Our services and training courses will be customized to your company's needs to meet these goals and more.

You can rely on MySafety LLC to provide detail-oriented services and high quality specialized training to your company and employees. 

Let's Work Together

Our team is ready to discuss any of your goals, visions, expectations, and more.

Thank you for your message, we will get back to you as soon as possible!

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