Safeguarding Services

Our safeguard installation services are aimed towards protecting the indirect workers, contractors and service technicians.

The most commonly overlooked hazards are located in building structures with mezzanines, attics, crawlspaces, basements, and any other not continuously occupied areas.

These areas contain hazards such as exposed angle iron, all thread, pipe hangers and Unistrut. These are just a few of the hazards that are present in today's workplaces.

Implementing our three step process of "CONTROL, REDUCE, and ELIMINATE" is how we recognize and address these hazards. Installing safeguards or eliminating the hazard is the proactive step to reduce your company's risk of injuries and recordable incidents. Click on
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Ammonia PSM Services

Process Safety Management (PSM) is in place to prevent the release of highly hazardous chemicals. In the event of a release, the PSM program minimizes the potential outcomes by reducing the risk and level of danger.

Plant personnel can get overloaded with other responsibilities which leads to the PSM program not being properly maintained for compliance.

Most refrigeration systems run 24/7 and 365 days a year so keeping an ammonia system compliant takes a dedicated team and consistent attention.

The PSM standard is essential to preventing accidents that can happen at any time. Giving employees proper training and education along with our services will supply your team with all the resources needed for a successful program.

Some of the services we offer include Annual and 5-Year Mechanical Integrity Inspection, 3-Year Compliance Audit, SOP Verification, Valve Tag Identification, and Pipe Labeling.

Our team will be the additional support that has the skills and knowledge necessary to have your PSM program work for you and not against you. 
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Pipe Identification

Most facilities today have a maze of wires and piping that support and supply your processes.

Hazardous chemicals are no doubt a safety risk, but even water damage can have a large impact on a facility.

Pipe markings allow personnel to quickly identify the contents and flow direction in any pipe within the facility.

Ammonia refrigeration pipe markings, for example, may also provide the pressure level and physical state of the contents.

The installation of proper pipe markings can lead to efficient routine/corrective maintenance and plays a crucial role in emergency response.

We ensure installation of accurate labels that are consistent with the current industry standards and regulations. Click on
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The fundamental elements to starting or building a successful company starts with a clean, organized workplace.

A messy and unorganized workspace can lead to slowdowns, wasted time, and even injuries, which all negatively affect the company.

Some of the 5S steps involve removing unnecessary items in the work area, reducing extra workload, and minimizing excess inventory.

This system places everything where it belongs so work can be performed effectively and safely to maintain plant efficiency.

We will be your source for getting you started and sustaining for the duration of your company. If you already have the 5S system in place, we're the revive you need to make it more robust and efficient. 
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Hazards that are out of sight should NEVER be out of mind