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ARE YOU KEEPIN' IT COOL & SAFE? This shirt represents the operators, technicians, contractors and other maintenance personnel involved in the ammonia refrigeration industry.


Purchasing this ammonia shirt means you get to rock the COOLEST NH3 apparel available AND join our mission towards a safer industry! Select a day of the week (e.g., every Friday) to encourage your entire team to wear orange shirts  - The color orange brings attention to employees just like hunters that want to make themselves visible to other hunters. Ensure your teams' opinions and/or concerns are VISIBLE! Promote accountability and transparency within your department by selecting a day each week for encouraging a "Questioning Attitude". 


Custom shirts are available upon request (Lead time 4-6 weeks)


To learn more about our mission, email us at anytime:


"Keepin' It Cool & Safe" Ammonia Shirt

$25.00 Regular Price
$20.00Sale Price
  • 60% Cotton / 40% Polyester

    Color: Red-Orange

    Logo is located on the shirt front

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