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Mechanical integrity inspector

Course Description

OSHA's PSM standard includes an element called "Mechanical Integrity" that regulates your process' procedures, training, inspections, testing, maintenance, deficiencies, quality assurance and MORE.

First step to assuring integrity is by verifying Process Safety Information (PSI) is available for equipment such as vessels, compressors, condensers, emergency systems, controls, pumps, and all other critical process equipment.

Not only do written procedures need to be created and implemented for maintenance purposes, but the program must also be designed around the manufacturers' recommendations and good engineering practices, aka "RAGAGEP".

Our industry recognizes IIAR's Ammonia Refrigeration Library as the leading best practice resource - We will guide participants through IIAR-6 "Inspection, Testing and Maintenance" and its minimum requirements for system integrity inspections.


Day-2 will allow participants to use information learned and a safety inspection checklist to practice performing mechanical integrity inspections with on-site process equipment. This course provides 16 PDH and a certificate proving competency for conducting in-house annual mechanical integrity inspections.

Course Topic Examples:

  • PSM Awareness

  • Mechanical Integrity Element + Requirements

  • Overview of the Process


  • How to use IIAR-6 (Book not included with course)

  • Inspection Requirements

  • Interactive On-Site Inspection Exercises

  • Mechanical Integrity Inspection Guidance (as needed)


On-Site Training Available

Registration Fee:

$799 per participant*


16 Hours / 2 Day


29 CFR 1910.119

*When 5 or more participants are registered



or equivalent

Annual Requirement:

This course is covers topics that may be required for operator training under 1910.119 - The PSM standard requires operator training at least once every 3 years, or more often if needed.

NOTE: We strongly recommend participant refreshes

their course certification

at least once every 3 years.

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