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Compliance Services

Process Safety Management (PSM) is in place to prevent the release of highly hazardous chemicals. In the event of a release, the PSM program minimizes the potential outcomes by reducing the risk and level of danger.

Plant personnel can get overloaded with other responsibilities which leads to the PSM program not being properly maintained for compliance.

Most refrigeration systems run 24/7 and 365 days a year so keeping an ammonia system compliant takes a dedicated team and consistent attention.

The PSM standard is essential to preventing accidents that can happen at any time. Giving employees proper training and education along with our services will supply your team with all the resources needed for a successful program.

Some of the services we offer include Annual and 5-Year Mechanical Integrity Inspection, 3-Year Compliance Audit, SOP Verification, Valve Tag Identification, and Pipe Labeling.

Our team will be the additional support that has the skills and knowledge necessary to have your PSM program work for you and not against you. 
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Our safeguard installation services are aimed towards protecting the indirect workers, contractors and service technicians.

The most commonly overlooked hazards are located in building structures with mezzanines, attics, crawlspaces, basements, and any other not continuously occupied areas.

These areas contain hazards such as exposed angle iron, all thread, pipe hangers and Unistrut. These are just a few of the hazards that are present in today's workplaces.

Implementing our three step process of "CONTROL, REDUCE, and ELIMINATE" is how we recognize and address these hazards. Installing safeguards or eliminating the hazard is the proactive step to reduce your company's risk of injuries and recordable incidents. Click on
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Fit Testing

OSHA regulations to help control occupational diseases, such as 29 CFR 1910.134 which specifically covers the requirements to protect against inhalation of contaminated, harmful air. All respiratory equipment that is "tight-fitting" requires an initial and annual fit test. *  

The hierarchy of controls asks: Can you eliminate the hazard? Or can you substitute the hazard? If not, can you engineer it "safer"? Or can you implement administrative controls such as operating procedures?
Once all of this has been addressed first... Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) must then be utilized if the hazard is still present or potential.

Quantitative (QNFT) and Qual
itative (QLFT) methods will be used as required by the standard. Filtering Facepieces (i.e., N95, "dust mask") and Half Facepieces are permitted to use the QLFT method or at least a 100 fit factor to pass QNFT. All Full Facepieces are required to use the QNFT method with at least a 500 fit factor to pass. A brief respiratory training will be provided for employees at time of testing - Full-day Respiratory course available in our Process Safety Series.

Many facilities are susceptible to atmospheric contamination but are unsure of their legal obligations - MySafety can provide hazard assessments to ensure your team has proper PPE available for their assigned tasks. 
To better guide your team through the OSHA respiratory process, refer to our Respiratory Flowchart! 

Respiratory Fit Testing is FREE when scheduled with any course from our Hazmat Series!**

*Medical clearance is required under 1910.134 for all respirator- Evaluation must be conducted prior to fit test and respirator use. Please contact for assistance scheduling appointments with a local physician.

**5+ participants must be included at time of booking to receive fit testing free of charge. All fit testing must be able to be completed during scheduled course time. Additional charges may apply if fit testing must be conducted anytime outside of the scheduled course time.

We provide services to food processing, manufacturing, oil and gas, electrical distribution facilities, and warehousing. If your workplace was not listed, please send us a message and we would like the opportunity to serve you.​

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