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general duty for ammonia refrigeration

Course Description

OSHA and EPA both have a "General Duty Clause" in place to ensure employers are providing safe workplaces, free of hazards with emergency prevention measures in place. Are you aware of how the General Duty Clauses (GDC) may impact your facility's process, programs and more? Not only will this course discuss the general GDC issued by OSHA, we will go in-depth for requirements of Ammonia Refrigeration systems under the Threshold Quantity.

For ammonia, the "Threshold Planning Quantity" (TPQ) is 500 pounds -

Meaning chemical reporting and emergency planning is required, but not necessarily regulated programs such as OSHA's well known Process Safety Management (PSM) standard.

Hazardous substances, such as Anhydrous Ammonia, have the potential be catastrophic even at low quantities. If your ammonia process charge falls somewhere above the TPQ of 500 pounds and the PSM/RMP Threshold Quantity of 10,000 pounds, your facility must still follow many safe work practices and chemical reporting regulations. It is best practice to incorporate a safety management program similar to the PSM elements, such as IIAR's "ARM".


Don't let this overwhelm you... Have the MySafety team guide your team through the necessary & needed steps to keep your facility running safely! This course is great for all personnel involved with the ammonia system, management, maintenance technicians, safety personnel and other critical positions. Our course includes an "Ammonia Awareness Overview" resource document that you may reference and pass on to other employees during orientation trainings.

Course Topic Examples:

  • Regulatory Overview

  • What does "General Duty Clause" mean?

  • Basics of Toxicology

  • Hazard Awareness


  • Personal Protection Equipment for Ammonia

  • Safety Management Program

  • Emergency Action Planning

  • Inspection/Audit Overview


On-Site Training Available

Registration Fee:

$499 per participant*


8 Hours / 1 Day


Overview of GDC;

PSM 1910.119 +

RMP 40 CFR Part 68 Awareness

*When 5 or more participants are registered



Annual Requirement:

We recommend following the PSM training requirement of refreshers at least once per 3 years

Some training may be required annually per OSHA

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