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Ammonia Industrial refrigeration operator 1
(AIRo 1)

Course Description

This course is for any individual that is responsible for the safe operation of an ammonia refrigeration system. This course is also a great option for PSM/RMP coordination roles or management personnel wanting a deeper understanding about ammonia refrigeration principles. Students will learn the fundamentals to monitor, operate, troubleshoot, and navigate process safety related elements. All personnel involved in operations of a process system must be trained prior to task assignment, including daily rounds. Students are to complete quizzes throughout the course for competency verification and must score above our minimum pass percentage. Certificates will be awarded upon passing final exam.

Regardless of meeting a "threshold", ammonia poses severe safety & health hazards at any quantity. Ammonia is the best choice for a multitude of applications, and its use is beginning to grow rapidly! Whether the system charge is 100 or 10,000+ pounds, this course provides users with the continued education and skills to conduct everyday tasks on ammonia refrigeration systems.

Course Topic Examples:

  • OSHA's PSM

  • Thermodynamics

  • Best Practices

  • Mechanical Integrity

  • Refrigeration Cycle Introduction

  • Major Components

  • Complex Refrigeration Systems

  • Safety Systems & Functions

  • and More!


On-site training is available

for your team!

Click HERE to request

Registration Fee

$1,199 per participant*


24 Hours / 3 Day


29 CFR 1910.119


*When 5 or more participants are registered


At least 180 days of industrial refrigeration experience.

Such as: Daily rounds and entry level maintenance work on an ammonia refrigeration system 

Annual Requirement:

No annual requirement - Refresher recommended every 3 years*

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