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Course Description

If your facility has one or more of these highly hazardous chemicals on-site, every employee that works for your company will benefit from our awareness level course on Ammonia and Process Safety Management (PSM).

Each individual that steps foot onto a "PSM-Covered" site is required to be made aware of the hazardous process that your facility has, and this includes all visitors and contractors. During your employee's new hire orientations, it is also required to make them aware of the Ammonia system, its hazards, and the PSM program. It's definitely safe to say ensuring each employee on-site has a full understanding of these matters.

Participants will start the day off learning about chemical disasters in the Industrial Manufacturing world to set the safety mindset right away. Anhydrous Ammonia will be the topic of discussion for the majority of the day and everyone will leave the course understanding the tremendous benefits of this chemical, and its dangers. With the PSM program being the ultimate safeguard to protecting your personnel, property, and environment, this standard will also be reviewed and analyzed throughout the course.

Course Topic Examples:

  • Chemical Disaster Analysis

  • Who is OSHA? What is PSM?

  • Anhydrous Ammonia Hazards

  • Chemical Properties

  • Emergency Action Plan Awareness

  • How to read SDS

  • Safety Involvement

  • Training Requirements

  • and More!


On-Site Training Available

Registration Fee:

$399 per participant*


4 Hours / 1/2 Day


29 CFR 1910.119

*When 5 or more participants are registered



Annual Requirement:

No annual requirement - Refresher recommended every 3 years*

*This recommendation follows the "3-Year Refresher" schedule required for Refrigeration/PSM personnel

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