Process Safety Management


The world's worst industrial disaster is the initial reason Process Safety Management (PSM) is in place today. The Bhopal, India gas leak claimed over 16,000 lives on a December evening in 1984 when methyl isocyanate was released while the city was sleeping. The release was not only the result of a failing maintenance program at a local company, but also due to poor emergency response efforts.

OSHA responded in 1992 by implementing the PSM Standard (29 CFR 1910.119) which would require 14 "elements" to be complied with for any process with highly hazardous substances over a determined threshold. There are currently 137 chemicals that fall under this standard and many are commonly used in today's manufacturing industries, and many are used in your local neighborhoods. We're here to help you understand everything about this standard!

MySafety LLC specializes in PSM and Hazmat training because of tragic incidents like Bhopal. Our families have worked in the ammonia refrigeration industry for over 30+ years and we understand how important it is to return home safely after each shift and maintain a safe work environment for our loved ones. We offer both PSM services and trainings to ensure your process is compliant and team members have the knowledge and resources needed to keep your system running efficient and safe. We also offer Hazmat Emergency Response training for all levels because we can prevent incidents with PSM, but must prepare for such with response training.


If you have highly hazardous chemicals on-site but are not over the designated threshold, we can help you evaluate which general duty requirements you must comply with.

Our PSM training is not only suited for the individuals that will be handling the documentation or taking on the role of coordinator. Start with the "PSM Level 1" course for all support personnel such as technicians, supervisors, management, and other individuals that wants to help make our industry a safer place. Please contact us for customized training that is specific to your process hazards.


All PSM courses meet and exceed the compliance of OSHA's 29 CFR 1910.119

Process Safety Management
Level 1

16 HOUR | $849

Process Safety Management
Level 2

24 HOUR | $1699

Ammonia &
PSM Awareness Course

8 HOUR | $349