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Course Description

Participants that have already received at least 24 hours of Hazmat Training are eligible to become the "On-Scene Incident Commander" with some additional training. We have created this course to take your current hazmat skills from being the responder to commanding the hazardous response.

When a hazardous substance release occurs, a series of steps must take place efficiently and promptly to ensure protection of your personnel, property, and environment. The Incident commander is the person who will assume control of the incident and will coordinate the response with local authorities.

This course is packed with topics that will turn your responder into a leader! 

We request participants bring a copy of their facility's Emergency Response Program (ERP) to use as a training resource since OSHA's HAZWOPER Standard for Incident Commanders requires knowing how to implement your employer's ERP and your local government's ERP.

Course Topic Examples:

  • Emergency Action & Response Plans

  • Incident Command System

  • Assigning ERT Roles

  • Working w/ Government Agencies

  • PPE Selection

  • Safety & Health Programs

  • Decontamination

  • Mock Drills

  • & More!


On-Site Training Available

Registration Fee:

$449 per participant*


8 Hours / 1 Day


29 CFR 1910.120(q)(6)(v)

*When 5 or more participants are registered


At least 24 Hours of Hazmat Training*

Annual Requirement:

Annual refresher of sufficient duration and content**

*Our 24-Hour Emergency Response Technician course meets this requirement

**Our 8-Hour Annual Refresher meets and exceeds this requirement

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